Regional Advocacy & Intelligence

10th July 2024

Our Regional Advocacy & Intelligence Unit helps brands and businesses engage geographically diverse communities, and understand and excite audiences in new ways, wherever they’re based. 

The dedicated team specialises in regional campaigning, grass-roots advocacy and influencer strategy, and local intelligence and insights gathering – and offers four core services:  

Regional Policy & Political Landscape Analysis: enabling businesses to understand the new context for their operations via bespoke reports on local economic, social, political and policy dynamics. 

Regional Brand Assessment: helping clients understand their salience and reputation with regional customers, communities and stakeholders using an AI-powered research tool developed by Citypress’ award-winning Research & Analytics team. 

Stakeholder Social Audit: assessing brands’ spheres of local social influence and identifying geo-targeted influencer strategies. 

Local Campaign Strategy & Activation: helping brands show-up and engage communities in a way that’s relevant and meaningful on-the-ground, positively shaping reputation and supporting commercial impact.  

As a regionally networked agency with teams on the ground in Manchester, Edinburgh, Birmingham and London, we’re well placed to help clients identify, understand and engage communities – particularly at a time when factors like localism and the need to demonstrate social impact are increasingly bound-up with people’s willingness to engage with brands. 

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