Employee Engagement

We help our clients create highly engaged teams and high performing cultures through our specialist employee engagement practice.

Our team brings together experts in internal communications, integrated marketing, employee advocacy, training and development.

Together we help clients from across sectors to build clear employee value propositions, find and retain the best people, and develop and engage their employees.

Our services include:

Employee Communications

Our team delivers effective employee communication programmes to help organisations educate and engage their employees with an authentic voice. From communicating benefits and policies to creative campaigns that showcase your values in action, we help organisations create a positive conversation that builds awareness and trust from your most important asset.

Change Management

Change will never be this slow again. To help companies navigate rapidly through shifting market dynamics, successfully implement mergers or acquisitions, or evolve the culture of their organisations, we provide an insight-driven, strategic approach to change management through effective communication. We bring deep experience working with companies through restructuring and transformation to help ensure employees adapt and respond positively to change.

Employer Brand

To attract and retain the best and brightest employees, companies must stand out in the increasingly competitive war for talent. We help organisations define their employer brand in ways that make their values, strategy and policies connect with talent, supported by campaigns that bring their brand and values to life. We use a multi-channel, integrated marketing approach to make employer brands engaging and inspiring for companies across geographies and industries.

Executive Communications

The CEO is any organisation’s chief engagement officer, responsible for engaging leadership and showing empathy and understanding of the needs of the wider employee team. Bringing insights from across industries, we help executives reach their employees through multi-media communications and cross-channel amplification to create understanding and buy-in for the strategic objectives and goals of the organisation.

Employee Advocacy

We help companies and organisations build trust through programmes that create true advocacy from their employees. Taking an integrated approach, our specialist team creates campaigns that employees help define, build and share, harnessing the power of social media to create brand equity and drive reputation in the market for talent and customers.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our D&I specialists help companies build powerful programmes that connect with diverse talent within their organisations, and showcase their inclusive values to current and future employees. We help companies recruit existing team members who can help develop a clear D&I approach, creating stories that build engagement and support ongoing reporting needs around gender and diversity pay, ESG and sustainability.

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